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Hence, the industry-specific CAD program for planning and design in structural engineering, reinforcement and precast elements further expands the field of 3D for a model-oriented method in terms of Building Information Modeling (BIM).For instance, thanks to the Count View laying check, you can verify whether you have drawn the reinforcement completely in the drawing.The input of 3D building components has also been improved, which facilitates the free integration of building components.It therefore provides the ideal drawing platform for round building structures.Threaded connections are supported by the program, allowing you to concentrate on the more important matters.The new Strakon 2017 version of dicad is moreover focusing on 3D structural engineering.The software automatically transfers any amendments to the relevant components, schedules, dimensions, datum levels etc.This allows the user to have an outline, created by him or imported, follow along a 3D path as previously defined.

At the same time, dicad 2016 combines 2D with 3D CAD functions, still providing users with the option of working either in a drawing-oriented way or three-dimensional or even using 2D and 3D in parallel.In addition, the user can now complete placing areas using crosswise reinforcement in a single work step.This combination of DWG, PDF or 2D elements with the 3D model enables, for example, the synchronization of the different trades or the design of 3D objects on the basis of 2D plan templates.Subsequent adjustments or corrections in the dialog window of stairs are automatically simulated in the parameterized 3D stair model.In this way, it is possible to generate structural components with a demanding geometry.Novedades 13 Julio 2017 - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File.

As the reinforcement viewer is constantly open, the user is able to control the 3D reinforcement input permanentlySTRAKON 2017 complements now also 3D reinforcement with additional new functions.As the reinforcement viewer is constantly open, the user is able to conrtrol the 3D input permanently.

NUMECA fine turbo 10.2 windows/linux x64 [2016, ENG] Size: 2.9 GB Type: Software Year / Release Date: 2016 Version: 10.2 Developer: numeca International Inc.Now, the CubeViewer allows importing DWG or PDF files, 2D plans or 2D objects in the model space and using them as template, for control or illustration purposes.Even sandwich wall elements with different cross-sections can be designed.This enables complex and individual reinforcement patterns to be quickly used and entered at the touch of a button.

The associative reinforcement and the extensive correction functions enable drawings to be amended quickly and safely.New functions for three-dimensional design and processing provide for more efficient workflows, resulting in more efficient planning and design in building, commercial and industrial construction.As a result, your economical structural design is supported by the program or even automatically solved.The 3D staircase module for straight, L-shaped or U-shaped spiral staircases made of reinforced concrete with various methods of distortion is a completely new feature.Flex componentsIn addition, flex components can now be inserted into the model directly as evaluable components in the CubeViewer, being of advantage when it comes to opening and block-out planning.Since this is a main task these days, this will be an important aspect for you.

Apart from the standard floor function, it is now possible to generate and record floor slabs furthermore as 3D flex component in the plan directly as well as to process and evaluate them in the CubeViewer, the central 3D input and editing environment.STRAKON offers a series of tools that allow you to check your work.When designing the reinforcements with optimized steel quantities, Strakon helps you even while inputting the required data.Add Thread to Bookmark in Technorati Tweet this thread.

The numerous further new features include a new level management with the aid of the Level Box along with automatic designation of the 3D views.STRAKON offers you radial mesh laying and rebar laying as well as laying an area with round reinforcement of different radiuses.

The subsequent processing of views is also possible so as to hide objects and flex components, when required.The market leader in the field of reinforcement design offers you the security of decades of experience an continual further development.

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