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A curious collection of facetioe, proverbs, and other French books.A very rare edition, containing a metrical version of sixty-one Fables of.(Esop.Original edition and of extraordinary rarity, the copies having been printed.Scaglioui super eisdem Hitihus, folio, Venetiis, 1586 — Casoni (F.).Severi et aliorum Graecorum recentiorum Epistolse, Gr. — Francisci Car-.Lapidis Eenum ac Vesicse AiFectus Curatione, tooodcut portrait in.

FIEST EDITION loith a date, ivoodcuts, large copy, with rough edges.Search the history of over 305 billion web pages on the Internet.How, or why, HartUeb should attribute the pieces to Ovid and Albertanus.Southern Hemisphere, scarce, presentation copy, Hamburgh, 1832.More complete than the first edition of 1482, and exhibiting a far better.The dltficulty of uniting the three works into a complete set has been.

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A very scarce edition, but unfortunately wanting the title, for which one.Spherse, diagrams, unknown to all Bibliogeaphebs, s. I. Sf a.

England— Letters of Ebzabeth and James YI— Chronicou Petroburgense —.Bembo (P.) Lettere da diverse Ee, et Principi, et Cardinale et altri.Hevelius, Huygliens, Kepler, Lalande, Laplace, Magini, Monteregio.Fhotographs of the more beautiful Specimens of Binding inserted.This edition was uiiknoAvri to Fabricius, who speaks of the reprint of 1517.Eagguaglio di quanto e avvenuto in Pisa pel Monumento in Marmo.Leibnitz, Clarke, Newton, et autres, 2 vol. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1720.

Donado was sent as Envoy (Spedifo Bailo) in 1680, and returned home in.Ecclesiae: I, Episcoporum in Sede Brixiana: II, Cardinalium, et.This author was one of the warmest admirers of Duns Scotus, and among.Florentine architect of the XVth Century, so well known as the author of.This very curious Avork, which illustrates many old Italian proverbs, is much.Scboller (K.E.) Italienische Eeise, 2 vol. 8w. Leipzig, 1831-32.An important work for the literary history of Italy during the XVth Century.Priucipi e Hiiomini Privati Antichi, et Moderui, woodcut portrait.

Italiaua, loith manuscript prices to each article on the margins.The importance which, iu a bibliographical point of view, scientific books have.Venetia, 1550 — Supplimento della Travagliata Inventione e Eagion-.EAKE, unknown to Weidler, and never seen hy Lalande, hut given.

Eilottete di Sofocle e le E-ane di Aristofane tradotte, 3 vol. in 1.This Casati, a Jesuit, is celebrated for having prevailed on Queen Christina.The work is chiefly curious for the notations employed in it.A scarce tract, containing curious information respecting the history of gar-.The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported.This work may be regarded as an attempt to explain various theories.

The third work, which is full of fine woodcuts with Xylographic inscrip-.This edition was unknown to Lalande, who mentions that of 1558, containing.

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The author (who was an opponent to Aristotle) says that he was the suc-.Considerazioni intorno alia Cavalleria Amorosa eroica e poetica.A valuable copy of this important literary journal, having the name of the.This translation seems to have escaped the researches of the learned Professor.

Andreini (I.) Lettere. Aggiuntovi di Nuovo li Eaggionamenti Piacevoli.Eedi (F.) Poesie, Nizza, 1781— Eime di G. F. Zappi e di Faustina.Block Book (Xylographie), et VAlgorithmus(Q), imprime en 1488 a Strasbourg.Manuscriptorum, Vlmo. Romce, s. a. — Bibliotheca Saxiana hoc est.Spalato, his Shiftings in Eeligion, by Eichard Neile, Bishop of.Comical History ol Simple John— Five Irish Songs— Four Popular.First edition of a celebrated work written by the author when almost reduced.To neglect the path by which human nature ought to have passed.

III. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay.Edited by A. Kubbi. This valuable collection of 30 Elogi contains tlio.A very scarce and important Attack on the Doctrhies of Flaccius Illyricus by.Areano del Mare Libri sei, 3 vol. numerous engravings (including.This copy contains the rigidly suppressed passage detaihng the infamous.Pellibus Nigris Troiani (Thomas) La Oration del Troia, recitata nel Studio.

With an autograph note at the end in the handwriting of the celebrated.Halliwell, who since has devoted himself to totally different studies, originally.To each of the Elogi are appended Verses on the Persons mentioned.Tliis celebrated work is of extraordinary rarity, and although Professor De.An admirable work, contauiing, besides the important geographical notices.

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